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[22 Apr 2012|04:00pm]
My mum went to Morocco recently and brought me back this...Collapse )
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Tuesday [05 Oct 2011|01:00am]
Happy thoughts for today - borrowed two really interesting books from my mum one about helping children deal with loss and separation and the other about working with BME children in need. Got s response from samba project about doing some work with child victims of domestic violence. Tried to teach my mum the time warp and found this vid which really makes me smile

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Saturday [02 Oct 2011|01:41pm]
[ mood | positive ]

Found some cool projects I'd like to volunteer for time/work permitting.
One is a social enterprise supporting people with learning disabilties. I am really impressed it has its own bakery and market garden.
The other is a youth club for BME children who have witnessed DV. Not sure if this might conflict with work as our firm does a lot of forced marriage and honour based violence work some of which is referred by this organisation - will have to check.

It was a gorgeous day so after stu finished band practice we wandered into town. We went to the library and I had a mooch around the art/crafts section. I feel like learning to crochet - anyone able to help? I think there is a knitting club at a cinema near me I might pluck up the courage to go on my own and hope someone can give me some pointers. (That reminds me I found a big tupperware tub of fimo clay the other day - can't wait to get some time to myself to get arty and messy!)

After the library we went to one of our favourite little cafes in town and sat upstairs by the window watching everyone go busily about their business. I had delicious pan fried sardines on toast with fennel seeds. They bake their own bread and everything is organic and scrummy. We shared a peice of squidy cake and wandered up to the market.

At the market we stopped at the super cheap fruit and veg stall to get some apples for a crumble. They also sold us 2 big bags of very ripe grapes for 50p! When we got home I plucked of all the squishy ones and there was still a huge bowl :D

We made apple, blackberry and rasperry crumble then I browsed my new favourite crafty website - folksy - lots of inspiration!

At the market we got

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Friday [02 Oct 2011|01:30pm]
Friday was the way Stu looked when I came home from work. Pale blue shirt, sleeves rolled up, curly brown hair, kind eyes. The flat was warm and smelled like the peppers and onions he was chopping - home :)

Later - Vincentoz for dinner - couldn't finish my huge pasta dish! They let me take the rest away for later chef added some sauce so it didn't dry out when reheating. The staff are always really nice. This was thoughtful we don't 'doggy-bag' much in the UK.
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Thursday [29 Sep 2011|07:52pm]
[ mood | productive ]

Busy but productive day at work.

Filled in my nomination acceptance for CAB trustee board really pleased to be asked.

Remembered to phone my mamma G after her counselling sesh which made me feel like good daughter.

Nice weather meant lots of people milling aboout Heaton giving it a nice 'campus' feel.

Saw a girl on a nice reto bike on my way to work (i want one!).

I like knowing whats coming up - wrote on my cute calendar the picture for October is of deer :)

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Wednesday [28 Sep 2011|11:11pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Lovely warm sunny day today - single day of summer for 2011.

Saw an awesome windmill in east boldon want to visit and take pictures I ♥ windmills.

Looks like my contract will be renewed positive feedback from two partners at our firm.

My work mate Lira is cool. It was lovely to hear from my old work mate Liz :)

Had dinner with mamma G this eve - yummy baked avocado!

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Tuesday [27 Sep 2011|07:34pm]
This will probably sound a bit retarded but here goes my first 'things that make me happy' reminder:

Googles 13th Birthday 2011 hpimage host

Google was decorated for it's 13th birthday - i like this picture. Its cute retro-birthday-ness made me smile. It reminded me I like making things out of fimo clay and sometimes I like drawing. I like vintage stylings. I like wrapping presents with home made wrapping paper. I like baking my friends birthday cakes.

Talked to Amy about climbing Kili today. I would like to give this a try - I like planning trips and adventure bragging rights. I would like to go travelling.

Stu made pumpkin rice for tea the smell reminded me I like halloween. I like carving pumpkins and making treak-or-treat goodies. I want to make sugar mice, toffee apples and cinder toffee this year.
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