indietoast (indietoast) wrote,


This will probably sound a bit retarded but here goes my first 'things that make me happy' reminder:

Googles 13th Birthday 2011 hpimage host

Google was decorated for it's 13th birthday - i like this picture. Its cute retro-birthday-ness made me smile. It reminded me I like making things out of fimo clay and sometimes I like drawing. I like vintage stylings. I like wrapping presents with home made wrapping paper. I like baking my friends birthday cakes.

Talked to Amy about climbing Kili today. I would like to give this a try - I like planning trips and adventure bragging rights. I would like to go travelling.

Stu made pumpkin rice for tea the smell reminded me I like halloween. I like carving pumpkins and making treak-or-treat goodies. I want to make sugar mice, toffee apples and cinder toffee this year.
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